The Cabinet has allocated more than 242 million rubles

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow Maxim Mishin

the Russian government has allocated more than 242 million rubles a social movement of volunteers “the Volunteers-doctors” to help the citizens in terms of the spread of coronavirus. This is stated on the government website.

it is Noted that the all-Russian public movement shall ensure that the work of operational staff in 85 constituent entities of the country, employing 15 thousand volunteers.

in addition, more than 320 million rubles allocated for subsidies to subordinate organizations on incentive payments to people who are helping to fight the spread of COVID-19, and those who are at risk.

Earlier it was reported that volunteers who provide support to elderly in the spread of coronavirus, has launched an educational course. On the programme, told representatives of the all-Russian public movement “Volunteer doctors”. It is known that learning takes place in two stages. The first remote training, now full-time safety and functionality of the volunteers.

Recently held the launch of the project мывместе2020.Russia, which combines efforts to help in a situation of coronavirus. With this project, anyone can become a volunteer in the epidemic COVID-2019.

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