The cost of dental care has increased over the last 18 years

Photo: depositphotos/golubovy

the Fabrication of the dental crown now costs on average nearly 4.5 thousand rubles, which is 20 times more expensive compared with the prices of 18-year-old, reports “”.

Also during this period, growth services removable denture, installation of fillings and tooth extraction under local anesthesia.

Dentist Dmitry Boguslavsky said that the Russians often turn to clinics to correct “the mistakes of others”. The expert believes that the most common defect is poor sealing.

Then according to the degree of demand are aesthetic services such as teeth whitening, installation of veneers and correction of malocclusion.

in addition, the Russians regularly come to the clinic for dental prosthetics, implants and treatment of periodontal diseases.

Earlier it was reported that in recent years often Muscovites began to refer to the gynaecologists. From the point of view of demand, they are ahead of dental professionals.

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