The CPS made recommendations on food choices in a pandemic

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Rospotrebnadzor gave advice on product selection in the stores in terms of the spread of coronavirus infection.

In particular, do not buy products for the future, since expired cereals, dried fruits and nuts could become infested granary pests. Should choose foods that can be stored at room temperature, paying attention to their shelf life, packaging, and composition.

it is Also important to know the conditions in which products are kept in store, and whether the temperature that indicated by the manufacturer. In case of distance purchase, it is recommended to wash your hands before you open the package, do not forget to check the expiry date and package integrity.

the Ministry noted that grocery stores operate continuously and support the core products.

Previously Professor of the Federal medical-biological Agency, doctor of personalized medicine Margaret the Queen said that proper nutrition can reduce the risk of infection COVID–19.

the Doctor said that it was necessary to divide the consumed food per day on six receptions, where for times the volume of each should not exceed 250 ml. After seven in the evening should completely abstain from food.

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