The doctor gave tips on skin care during isolation

Photos: Moscow 24/Igor Ivanko

the Doctor Alex Eden on radio Sputnik gave recommendations for skin care during the regime’s self-imposed isolation.

He noted that quarantine is the best time to give skin rest from makeup. Eden stressed that the house does not need to overdo skin cleansing.

“Being at home, it is not necessary to use cosmetic products, including, do not need too aggressive to clean the skin. Sebum need for protection, and not too degrease the skin. If the girl is not applied cosmetics, leather will only get better and more beautiful later,” said Eden.

the Doctor advised that during the regime of isolation to focus on improving the condition of skin. Eden recommended to use moisturizing masks and other treatments. In addition, he urged not to get involved in scrubs, because they make the skin too sensitive and can cause allergies or irritation.

Eden is also sometimes advised to leave the premises and to regularly open the window. At the same time, according to him, the main thing is emotional state, which affects the appearance.

“After a week at home can really get prettier and refreshed, if not to panic and hypochondria, and to enjoy the situation and take time out for yourself,” concluded Eden.

Previously Professor of the Federal medical-biological Agency of personalized medicine Margaret the Queen said that the extra weight may be an additional risk factor. People with obesity, she said, are more susceptible to viral diseases.

Also, the President of the Russian cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev told about how to care for dogs during quarantine. It is advised to stock up on your favorite feed pet and teach him new commands.

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