The dog gave tips on dog care during a pandemic COVID-19

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

the President of the Russian cynological Federation Vladimir Golubev gave tips for caring for dogs during the isolation.

first and foremost he advises to stock up on food for your pet, which he usually uses. Golubev stressed that the transition feed, or another type of brand can turn into a stress for the dog. In addition, he said, need to buy diapers and disinfectants for thorough personal hygiene.

Golubev also advises to buy educational toys for the animal. In addition, in connection with the emergence of free time during the regime of isolation of the dog owners should spend more time with their Pets and teach them new commands.

Golubev noted that it is possible to download a special app, the functionality of which includes consultation with the trainer.

“to teach your dog new commands, download any program for you. Usually, such applications contain about 100 teams for training with step by step instructions, videos and examples. Almost all of them have the clicker and feedback with the trainer, which you will be able to ask questions,” – said Golubev.

as for situations when your pet is unwell, then the handler advises in the first place to go to the vet via the Internet. Golubev reminded that for this there are special apps that you can get advice from a doctor.

“Vets respond around the clock, the average response time of eight hours. For this you need to describe in detail the problem and, if necessary, to attach a picture. Within these applications are both free and paid services,” – said Golubev.

He added that the mere presence of a pet helps to relieve stress and raise the level of happiness and energy. He called to spend time in the regime of isolation “with the use of for himself and his dog.”

Earlier, head of the laboratory of genomic engineering MIPT Pavel Volchkov noted that the coronavirus can overcome the species barrier and be transmitted from human to animals.

Different opinion the Director of the Federal research centre of Virology and Microbiology R & d Denis Kolbasov. He believes that it is necessary to follow the recommendations of who and the world organization for animal health, which determined that Pets are not considered as a risk factor.

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