The drug from coronavirus will appear in Russia next week

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Trial batch of the drug “Favipiravir”, which showed good results in China against the coronavirus, will appear on the Russian market next week, reports TASS.

As stated the head of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev in interview to the First channel, the planned investment in other means to combat infection.

Previously, he approved the creation of an enterprise for the production of “Favipiravir”. The drug was developed in Japan and has received approval for sale in 2014.

the FUND has indicated that China national center of biotechnology have proved the effectiveness of the drug against coronavirus in clinical studies.

it is Noted that the tool showed a decrease of time during which the coronavirus remains in the body, from 11 to four days. Also improved the status of the affected lung.

FMBA began trials of a new drug from coronavirus pneumonia

the Federal medical-biological Agency of Russia previously developed the scheme of treatment for severe coronavirus pneumonia, accompanied by respiratory failure.

In such cases it is proposed to use the drug “Dalargin”. He already was in Russia as a medicine for healing venous ulcers and protect organs and tissues – lungs, liver and pancreas.

In Russia for the last day of 954 confirmed cases coronavirus infection. Thus, now there are more than 6.3 thousands of infected citizens.

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