Yanka Dyagileva: the mystery of the death of the most famous punk singer of the USSR

History 25/03/20 Janka Diaghilev: the mystery of the death of the most famous punk singer of the USSR

Author and singer Ian Diaghilev was known to all the admirers of Soviet punk-rock. They gave her a resounding nickname “lady punk”, and close just said Janka. In may 1991, Yanka went for a walk and never returned. Several days later her dead body was discovered in the river. The circumstances of the death girl still raise more questions than answers.

How it started

Yana Dyagileva was born in Novosibirsk in the family of ordinary workers. In childhood she began to write poems and songs. Later, fate brought Ian with Irina Liteway that Soviet rock musicians considered her a second mother. Many of them Letyaeva helped to open new talents, organized concerts and festivals. So I became part of the “Siberian andrehraund”.
Soon Diaghilev met the famous musician Egor Letov, who became Patriarch of the Russian punk rock. The young people struck up a serious relationship. However, to save them failed. Shortly before the death of Janka split up with Egor.

the Corpse in the river

In may 1991, Janka, along with members of his family was at his dacha near Novosibirsk. Victory Day 9, she went for a walk and never returned. The girl’s father did not immediately sounded the bell. According to many friends, I was very impulsive, so could easily without telling anyone, to go somewhere else. So thought her father. Like, probably, decided to return to the city.
may 17 the body of Dyagilevo in the tributary of the Ob river Ine noticed fishing on the shore a man. Experts have carefully studied the body of the deceased, but no signs of violent death was found. Therefore, the official cause of death was named a banal accident.


Despite the fact that the circle of acquaintances Yana Diagileva was wide enough, really close friends she’s OKit seemed a little. She lived closed, rarely shared with anyone their problems and never gave interviews. These circumstances gave rise to many rumors about her death. Some believed that the Yanka committed suicide. At least a reason for depression that usually drives people to suicide, at that time the girl was enough.
3 years before the death of the girl jumped out of the window rock musician Alexander Bashlachev, which Diaghilev was very friendly. The last time he experienced a creative crisis and was not in the best mood. If we take on faith the assertion of modern scholars that depression is contagious, then I could catch it from bashlacheva. However, her life was already enough tragic events.
According to relatives, Diaghilev long and grieved at the death of his mother, who died from pancreatic cancer. Janka really liked her. After some time the father married again, and the Yankees appeared half-brother Sergei. Have girls made up a very warm relationship. But on 23 April 1991 the life of Sergei, too, was broken.

And, perhaps, murder?

Despite the many blows of fate, friends of Jana couldn’t believe that she took his own life. Some of them argued that at the autopsy in the lungs of the girl was not water. As you know, this fact suggests that the drowning of the body occurred after death.
in addition, there were rumors that Dyagilevo had a fractured skull. So Yana’s ex-boyfriend Egor Letov also believed that the girl was killed by some hooligans, who met her on the way.
However, for a long time, Letov himself actively tried to convince everyone that Janka left a suicide note. But later took it back, saying that the story of the note he just made that up. Moreover, after the death of Dyagilevo Letov took from her home the greater part of the manuscripts and letters.

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