The expert suggested that Italy will expose the myths about an aggressive Russia

Cautiously spoke about Russian assistance to the population of Italy – a country-member of NATO politicians in Poland, the Czech Republic and even in Italy itself. What are they so alarmed? Here is the answer to this question the Chairman of the Presidium of all-Russian organization “Officers of Russia”, the Hero of the Russian Federation major-General Sergey Lime:

-the Effectiveness of Russian military physicians in Italy can seriously change the balance of forces in NATO after the pandemic coronavirus. The fact that our military experts collaborate not only with civil people, but above all with colleagues from the Italian armed forces. And underestimate the influence of personal relationships that will develop between them, it is impossible.

the Italian military see not only the aerobatics and coherence of our group, not only their organizational and logistical backwardness, in comparison with the Russian Federation, but also honesty, openness, dedication of Russian. See theses on Russia, on our army, which fed them the leaders of Western countries, turned out to be myths.

the attitude towards our military is a hundred soldiers of Italy, including the highest rank. And to convince them after defeating the coronavirus that “Russia is the evil Empire, and it is necessary to struggle”, will not succeed.