The expert told how to make life easier on remote: need addictive

Ilya, now all settled at home and work remotely. For myself I know how difficult it is to rebuild. I think people are distracted by many factors: family members, animals, everyday life… How to tune in to work, being at home where we used to relax?

– See you. Of course, a necessary work from home when it is difficult to organize the space for her, is an additional challenge. I have a great experience of remote work. And organization of personal space for working in these conditions is of great importance: the Internet channel allocated for the work place, people who you will be surrounded by. It is important to configure the context switch “operation” – “not work”. Well it helps if such a switch can be arranged directly on the physical level, at the level of certain rituals. For example:

– if possible, arrange a dedicated workspace where you only work and do nothing else;

– change into different clothes for work;

physically make the short walk before work and after.

– Many complain that the work now began to take them more time than when I worked in the office…

– On remote really takes more time to work, it is connected, firstly, with the fact that it is for people new habits, and, secondly, as I said, weak context switches: people are in the context of “work” and then they find it difficult to navigate in the context of “narabotu”, mixed “working”-“off”. It is important to ask yourself start the day and end. Of course, to say it simply, it is much harder to implement. And the order of the day have in this sense to help.

How to organize the relationship with the family, with a husband who also works remotely?

– it would be Good to agree on the mode your availability for loved ones when you can distract, and when not. If you and your partner work together in the same area – tryto umestiti work schedules. Together it will be easier to keep the context. We need to understand that the sharp switching of the new agreement is a change of habits that require both your time and the time of people close to you. So you should expect that it will take addictive. To treat with understanding to possible violation of the agreements, calmly remind each other about the new format of relations. If you are unable to work because of the noise and there is a separate room, noise cancelling headphones are your friends.

What other tips are there for improving performance?

– set up a shared schedule calendar working and non-working activity. Otherwise, it’s easy to fall into the work from morning till night. If you can plan a vacation/shift – work will be enhanced;

– don’t skip meals, physical activity (if you cannot go outside, it’s exercise at home) – highlight under this some time;

– do not overexert helps the alternation of work and breaks: set a timer for 30 minutes by the unit of work and 5 minute break; the exact length of the units of work and rest, of course, everyone adjusts under him;

– make a plan early in the day and summarize at the end of the day. It helps to see the horizon, set the priorities, and, importantly, to see the results of their work. I write with a pen and paper plans the key tasks for a week and a day. And every day they come back for the updates.

How to make more effective communication in group chats with your colleagues?

– here can Help for example:

– share with each other working calendars to mark meetings there;

– decide on the time when you are available for each other;

– decide how quickly you need to react to requests;

– again, fix agreements text;

– if possible, use more visual. Video call for informahaving the audio better, audio better than text. If in a long correspondence it is hard to negotiate, it is better to stop, to agree on the call. And after him to fix the arrangement;

– match the contexts of the interlocutors. You can use the video option “share your screen” to draw diagrams, use the tools, collaborative drawing.

what can you recommend to the executives, are there any differences of building relations with subordinates on remote?

I work in the information technology industry. There are a lot of smart people. And control the people directly is difficult and not very efficient. It seems to me that building relationships supervisor–subordinate should not depend on format udalenkie. Distance compounding the issue of trust or mistrust. When you’re around, it seems a lot more clear: here is a man around, it seems to work. On the course it would be better to build a way to work together in order to control not only the result but also the efficiency of the process, how this result is achieved. And recommendations to executives, in fact, is a General management recommendations that apply not only to remote: delegate the tasks at the professional level (beginner, of course, need to monitor more), agree on the monitoring process in advance that it was periodic, not random; make regular status-meetings (meetings, meetings) for the whole team. I work with teams practicing daily review to understand what progress and where someone needs help.

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