The experts evaluated the proposal to increase the transportation tax on old cars

Photos: Moscow 24/Igor Ivanko

Automotive expert Igor Morzharetto in an interview with Moscow 24 appreciated the initiative to increase motor vehicle tax on commercial vehicles of ecological class “Euro-3” and below.

“we Have old Park, and theoretically it needs to be updated. It is estimated that almost 60% of cars among commercial vehicles do not meet the demands put forward by the Ministry of industry and trade. That’s almost three million plus cars of a class “Euro-3″ and below. They are heavily polluting, and dangerous from the security point of view. It would be good to update them and change for new cars,” – said the expert.

According to Morzharetto, there is a world practice, when the authorities gradually increased the tax: the older the car the more you will have to pay it to the owner. However, the expert noted that such an approach in Russia can cause issues.

“the Owners of these vehicles, as a rule, individual entrepreneurs. Buy new car no money. Consequently, the tax increases should be required to go in the complex of some measures that will stimulate buying,” – said the expert.

we Need to encourage the purchase of preferential state crediting. That is, we raise taxes, renting an old car, get the money. With such a preferential scheme, it will work.
Igor Margarettaville expert

Morzharetto said that if just odnomomentno to increase the transport tax, the people this decision will perceive sharply and negatively.

In turn, auto-lawyer Sergey Radko explained Moscow 24 that, in theory, the initiative, if implemented, should stimulate the flow of money into the budget and become certain through the auto business, which “in recent years is losing big money due to the reduction of sales of cars”.

At the same time there are risks that owners of commercial vehicles can increase the cost of their services. “They will have to buy a new car on credit, incur debts”, – the expert explains. And this is going to hit directly.stvenno expensive for ordinary people.

Cars are not getting cheaper, but expensive. The more expensive the car, the more expensive services, and the costs will fall on the shoulders of consumers.
Sergei Radioautogram

Earlier, the Deputy head of the Ministry Alexander Morozov said that the Ministry plans to increase the base rate of transport tax on cars ecological class Euro-3 and below in 2023. The proposal concerns commercial vehicles. Soon it will be sent to the Ministry of transport.

“this technique every day causing irreparable damage to the environment and health of citizens of the Russian Federation. The proposed measure will enhance the attractiveness of new and more environmentally friendly vehicles, which in turn will have a positive impact on the environment”, – explained in the press service of the Ministry of industry and trade.

the Debate over the exploitation of old cars and vehicle tax being long. In particular, the state Duma even introduce a bill on its abolition in the country. The initiative was rejected in the first reading. It was noted that this decision may hit the budgets of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

another initiative in the state Duma Committee on industry. The deputies proposed to prohibit the operation of old vehicles. The initiative was sent to the Ministry of transport and Ministry of industry and trade.

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