The father of 11 kids from the suburbs will give indefinite residence permit

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Avilov

a Tajik Citizen of abdumanon Sattorov, whose wife gave birth to 11 children, will be able to obtain indefinite residence permit in Russia, reports the Agency “Moscow”.

currently, he is busy with the suburban police. A decision on his request was attended in the shortest possible time. After that, he can get Russian citizenship without a condition on the length of stay.

Sattorov went to the police on 27 September 2019. In addition, his wife appealed to the authorities of Moscow region with the request for the expedited processing of the request due to its complex provisions.

Earlier it was reported about possible simplification of the process of obtaining Russian citizenship by foreigners. The changes will affect the cancellation provisions in the legislation under which those wishing to become Russians must renounce current citizenship.

on January 29 the interior Ministry reported that residents of Ukraine and Belarus, may soon not need to be interviewed on Russian language knowledge when obtaining Russian citizenship.

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