The Federation Council supported the introduction of benefits for retirees on the tax on deposits

Photos: Moscow 24/Roman Balaev

Member of the Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets Vasily Ikonnikov has declared Moscow 24 on the necessity of introducing a preferential regime for pensioners to pay tax on interest on deposits. In his opinion, any social relief during a pandemic coronavirus are a big plus.

Ikonnikov noted that while the Federation Council did not consider the proposal of the state Duma to introduce a preferential tax regime with deposits of more than 1 million rubles for pensioners and citizens approaching retirement age. But, according to the speaker, this initiative is relevant, especially now in connection with the epidemic COVID-19.

Any social relief to the population in the current situation is a big plus for the authorities and for the population. In General, to stabilize the situation.
Vasily Ikonnikov member of the Federation Council Committee on budget and financial markets

Earlier it was reported that the state Duma Committee on labor, lipolytica and veterans ‘ Affairs is planning to propose to introduce a preferential regime for pensioners to pay tax on interest from Bank deposits.

plans to introduce a tax on interest from deposits to one million rubles in a televised address, said Vladimir Putin. Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov said that the tax is 13% for interest income on deposits more than a million rubles is planned to enter only in 2022.

the Russian Pension Fund early payment of pensions and allowances for April. Monetary transactions are conducted in accordance with the decree of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to declare non-working days from 30 March to 3 April.

on March 26 in Moscow has started to operate isolation for people over 65 years of age and suffering from chronic diseases. It will last until April 14. In this regard, all senior citizens will receive a one-time financial assistance in the amount of 4 thousand rubles.

about 40% of patients aged 40 years in Moscow with coronavirus are on artificial lung ventilation (ALV). Experts he explained that the disease is severe as in the elderly, and the citizens younger than 60 years.

the Number of cases in Moscow is 1 014 persons, of which 46% are infected at the age of 35-64 years. The number of HIV patients aged 18 to 34 years is 33.5%. About 15% are people over 65 years of age.

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