The last three aircraft of Russian air force flew to Serbia

photo: Ministry of defence

To Serbia from Russia flew the last three aircraft of the SCD plan. In the country to help in the fight against coronavirus, went ninth, tenth, and eleventh aircraft Il-76. About it reports RIA Novosti, citing the defense Ministry.

the Planes head for the airport Batajnica, which is 20 kilometers from Belgrade.

Earlier in Serbia have already arrived seven aircraft of the Russian space forces.

on Friday, the first Il-76 aircraft of the aerospace defence forces of Russia landed in Serbia to help in the fight against the threat of the spread of coronavirus. It is expected the arrival of 10 aircraft, six of which will be sent on Saturday.

Vehicle deliver 87 military physicians, medical equipment, protective equipment and 16 units of various military equipment.

Aviation group established by the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu on behalf of Vladimir Putin. This is due to the official request of Serbia with the Russian Federation. On 2 April, Putin held a telephone conversation with the head of the state of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic, which has promised to provide humanitarian assistance for fight against COVID-19.

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