Season finale at “Die Höhle der Löwen” ( also at TVNow ) and the big question: Which founders use the last chance for a deal?

The sport starts, founder Hannes Mirow presents the lion with “Panthergrip”, the world’s first non-slip shin guard. Rostock is an enthusiastic athlete and develops products for the sports sector. For him, shin guards are the most annoying utensil in sports clothing when it comes to soccer, they slide quickly. “Panthergrip” is supposed to remedy the situation. With micro-teeth, its schooner finds a hold in the socket and is intended to make adhesive tape and tape for fastening unnecessary. Mirow wants to go to the “Champions League” with the article, which requires 120,000 euros for 25 percent. So far, however, there are only test pieces.

Nils Glagau (44), the inventor’s favorite lion, is allowed to try out the shin pads. He is thrilled – and strikes immediately. “I believe in you, believe in the product, we can make it big, I think I’m the right lion and I would accept your offer.”

The inventor, who was somewhat surprised by the spontaneous offer, would like to let the other lions have their say, but Glagau has something against it: “Stop!”, The lion interrupts everyone. “I made an offer, you can still answer a lot of questions, but then I’m out. You can think about it: do you want to go with me or do you want to hear the other lions, but then I will withdraw. ”

Rum. The founder is visibly irritated. “What is the background, why shouldn’t I listen to the others?” Nils Glagau stays with it: “I believe in you, it doesn’t happen often that you make an offer so early …” The completely surprised founder finally gives in . “You were my dream lion …” – “We have a deal, we make it big.” Nils Glagau secures the victory.

The next founding couple are father and son, Ullrich and Paul Eitel. They present an antibacterial wall covering, the anti-germ wallpaper “KeimEx”, in the “Lion’s Den”. The fifth generation of wallpaper manufacturers have spun off this special wallpaper from the family company and now want to conquer the market of clinics, hospitals, medical practices and nursing homes. The antibacterial effect unfold silver ions, which are contained in the robust and hard-wearing wall covering. You need 500,000 euros for this and bid 25 percent.

The family-owned company is 174 years old and in the fifth generation – and that is exactly where the rabbit lies in the pepper for the lions. “This dependency is a tricky thing,” says Georg Kofler (62). “Why don’t you approach your family business?” Ralf Dümmel (53) is also surprised. Carsten Maschmeyer (60) continues. “A great idea, you have created a solution to a problem. Why don’t you take it into your own hands and look for sales? ”The role of the son, who is still studying, remains unclear.

Nils Glagau gets out first. “A great product, but one cannot be a founder because of his studies, the other cannot be there with passion and power because of his family business. The lion would have to run a new start-up. I need a founder who is passionate about his product. So I’m out. ”Even Dagmar Wöhrl (65) doesn’t want to invest. “This is a great product, but I have a problem with the father-son constellation. I’m out.”

Dümmel follows. “Huge compliment to the brand. You come up with something innovative, but I’m not the right investor. So I’m out. ”Even the last lion doesn’t want a deal:“ You need a special distributor, ”says Carsten Maschmeyer. “Overall, it’s too difficult, so I’m out, but good luck.”

The founders Johannes bitte and Christian Monzel, both competitive athletes, have invented an innovative two-component technology, in which otherwise difficultly soluble plant substances such as ginger, ginseng or turmeric are shot into the drink just before drinking. They offer their elixir under the “drinkbetter” brand, which they launched four years ago. In order for the brand and company to continue growing, the founders need 200,000 euros and offer 20 percent.

Georg Kofler makes short work of it: “This type of product is not my job, so I’m out.” Nils Glagau is also not interested. “I have experience in this area, but I do not understand where your USP is located?” The founders say that their process is the only purely natural and patent-pending. The lion gets out anyway. “You are great, but I am more critical, you could not convince me with the ingredients, I wish you the best of luck, but I am out.”

Meanwhile, Ralf Dümmel and Carsten Maschmeyer whisper and make a decision: “The market is huge, I went to Carsten, we both believe that we can make a big difference.” The lion duo offers 300,000 for 30 percent – plus working capital. “You need a million working capital,” Maschmeyer is certain. “And would you give it to us?”, The founders want to know. “Yes,” Carsten Maschmeyer assures.

But before the decision is made, the founders want to hear Dagmar Wöhrl’s offer, which would also like to invest. “The product is great, the founders are great, I like it, I would like to make you an offer, I offer 200,000 for 20 percent.” In the end, the combination offer of the double lions was awarded.

“We make every thumb green,” promise founders Hannes Popken and Dennis Lizarzaburu. With their start-up “Rankwerk” they want to make “urban gardening” and “home gardening” socially acceptable. The balcony and courtyard gardens with herbs and vegetables are becoming increasingly popular with city dwellers, but so far there has been little supply and some plant lovers lack the knowledge, the founders think. They want to help with their product and brand world by connecting starter sets with online courses. They need 150,000 euros for 15 percent.

Frank Thelen (44) immediately objected: “It is a huge trend, I also ordered something with finished parts and an LED lamp, there are already. You didn’t explain to me what turned out to be, I’m out. ”Georg Kofler generally has little sense for the topic:“ You can just buy a cucumber in the organic market… I think the whole balcony gardening is a fanciful idea. If you want to go to nature, go to nature, not to your balcony, that’s a nice hobby, but not a business, I’m out. ”

Nils Glagau doesn’t want to plant either. “I believe in ‘home gardening’, but I don’t understand your business model, so nothing comes around, so I’m out.” With so much criticism, Ralf Dümmel grabs pity. “I do believe that there is a group of people who are happy about it. You get a lot of fire, I want to put it out, but it’s not my business model, I’m out. ”Carsten Maschmeyer remains, but he also rejects it. “I don’t think you’re a good entrepreneur, I’m out.” No deal. “I have the feeling that we weren’t taken in first,” complains one of the founders visibly kinked.

The founders of “Duschbrocken”, Johannes Lutz and Christoph Lung, got to know each other during a trip around the world. Both had a similar problem: shower items take up a lot of space in hand luggage. Therefore, the two developed “shower lumps”, a sustainable shower soap that is intended to replace shampoo and shower gel. You need 250,000 euros and bid ten percent. The “shower chunks” are available in different colors and smells such as coconut, fruit and mint. The lions are allowed to sniff. “Boah!” The tropical fruit mix in particular thrills everyone. “The hands smell like a newborn,” says Georg Kofler.

There are still questions: “How do you get foam?” Nils Glagau wants to know. He was traveling a lot with his backpack and washed easily with soap on the way. “You don’t have a USP, I don’t see anything the world has been waiting for, I’m out.” Dagmar Wöhrl is also skeptical. “I don’t know how I could wash my hair with it.” And she also lacks innovation. Carsten Maschmeyer has further objections: “Nine euros for a chunk is expensive, the valuation of your company is a valuation chunk, so I get out.” Georg Kofler as well.

Are the last founders in the season finale without a deal? Ralf Dümmel is still in the game. “I know what you need, know where the journey should go, I could help, I would like it too, I find the product Hammer.” The two founders agree with Ralf Dümmel on 250,000 euros for 25 percent. The globetrotters are very happy. “We have found a partner for the next big trip.”

The next season “Lion’s Den” starts in autumn. But without Frank Thelen, who gets out of the “Lion’s Den”. This season was the last for him. The 2016 Formula 1 world champion, Nico Rosberg (34), is getting in on it.



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