Before the semi-finals

After the Corona compulsory break ended last week with the broadcast of the fourth episode, the big semi-final of “The Masked Singer” on ProSieben will take place on Tuesday evening (April 21, 8:15 pm). A mask will fall on the live show. After that, the happy guesswork continues about which celebrities are among the remaining four costumes that will compete in the grand finale next week. A lot has already been speculated.

Five masks have been dropped in the past few weeks. In the costumes of the goddess, the cockroach, the Dalmatian, the bat and the robot were actress Rebecca Immanuel (49), singer Angelo Kelly (38), his colleague Stefanie Heinzmann (31, “My Man Is a Mean Man”), model Franziska Knuppe (45) and presenter Caroline Beil (53). Who could turn out to be a dragon, sloth, chameleon, rabbit and whisper?

The whisper: ProSieben’s own little monster suspects a real athlete under the hairy costume, whose wearer performed among other things the Michael Sembello hit “She’s a Maniac” from the film “Flashdance”. The reason is the information: “The asphalt is his home, he likes racing cars and driving in a circle is no problem at all.” Episode four also featured a Carrera roller coaster. Is it about ex-Formula 1 world champion Nico Rosberg (34)? The ProSieben viewers have so far been betting on singer Wincent Weiß (27) or web star Julien Bam (31).

The rabbit: He is a “real romantic” and “a little bit fluffy”. These were the first indications that became known about the rabbits. He also likes to bake and cook. The viewers therefore tap moderator Enie van de Meiklokjes (45) or comedian Martina Hill (45). “Blümchen” Jasmin Wagner (40) could also turn out to be a bunny. The advice team, consisting of moderator Ruth Moschner (44) and singer Rea Garvey (46), has previously also bet on actress Nora Tschirner (38) or boxer Regina Halmich (43).

The chameleon: Is underneath the colorful costume, which should be a “real show animal”, such as Dieter Hallervorden (84, “honey in the head”)? At least initially, Garvey and Moschner believed that. The presenter later switched to comedian Max Giermann (44, “Switch”), who repeatedly presents himself as a master of transformation and thus as a real chameleon. The fans also bet on his colleague Bürger Lars Dietrich (47) or star cook Horst Lichter (58).

The sloth: “Leave the hammock as a sloth is a risk, but I love the danger.” This hint from episode three of “The Masked Singer” would go well with moderator Stefan Raab (53), as he used to go for “TV Total ”always as“ Raab in danger ”. The sloth’s height would also fit the entertainer. Other candidates who could be under the mask are comedian Mirko Nontschew (50), singer Alvaro Soler (29) and his colleague Sasha (48).

The dragon: Gregor Meyle (41), Max Giesinger (31) or Adel Tawil (41)? Who is under the scariest of all costumes? In the meantime, Ruth Moschner believed in a performance by “dream ship” captain Florian Silbereisen (38), but then joined her colleague Rea Garvey, who was absolutely certain in episode three: it is definitely singer Gregor Meyle. Is he right?

Despite all the speculation, it remains exciting. In the big semi-final of “The Masked Singer”, Ruth Moschner and Rea Garvey (“Is It Love?”) Get support from Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst (31) in the rating team. Do they have the right nose together?

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