The Ministry of health has provided advice to employers on the background of the situation with COVID-19

Photo: RIA Novosti/Alexandr Kryazhev

the Ministry of health of Russia has given employers guidance on ensuring that the workflow on the background of the situation with the spread of coronavirus infection. Thus, the Agency called to provide employees with personal protective equipment, reports RIA Novosti.

In particular, highlight the mask and gloves is recommended for those employees who according to the specifics of forced to communicate with people throughout the day. For this category of staff took the shop, cashiers, public transport, and pharmacists, employees of the interior Ministry, the IFC and several other organizations.

in Addition, all workers recommended that regularly handle their hands with antiseptic agents.

“it is Necessary to reduce the spread of the new coronavirus infection, as the virus can be transmitted not only droplet and airborne dust but also by contact – using household objects”, – explained in the Ministry of health.

Earlier, the mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin ordered to create conditions for condescension people. According to the mayor such measures are important not only to reduce the velocity of COVID-19 directly to the agencies, in particular health workers.

it is Known that in Moscow the restrictions on movement around the city. To leave home only for trips to work, if the company is not moved to remote mode, and also for visiting the Bank, shops close to home and walking Pets at a distance of not more than 100 meters from the entrance.

prior To may 1 in Moscow closed cafes, restaurants, canteens and other public catering enterprises. A similar restriction has affected retail food stores. A significant portion of them switched to the mode of delivery of the products.

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