The name of the brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro, it was mentioned by an interviewee in the investigation into the murder of the councilor Marielle Franco, shot dead in Rio de Janeiro last year. As reported by the channel Globo on the Tuesday night, the doorman of the luxury urbanization where you live Bolsonaro told the police that one of the suspects of killing the political left-wing, former military police Elcio Queiroz, asked to come up to the house of the then deputy hours before the crime, on the 14th of march 2018. In Brazil it is common for the porter to ask a tenant whether it approves the entrance of a visitor. Queiroz asked for permission to enter the estate, the doorman called to the house of Bolsonaro father and someone else in the house, which according to the porter is identified as “lord Jair”, he authorized the entry, but an ex military man it was not his floor, but when Ronnie Lessa, the other arrested for the murder and neighbor of Bolsonaro.


The streets of Brazil demanding justice for Marielle Franco on the anniversary of her murder, Who ordered to kill Marielle? And why? Without Marielle Franco, but not single

According to the police, Queiroz and Lessa, imprisoned by the case since they were arrested a year after the crime, went out minutes later to kill the councilor. That day, the then deputy Bolsonaro was in Brasilia, where he participated in some votes.

however, one of the prosecutors of the case Marielle Franco, Simone Sibilio, has said on Wednesday that the testimony of the goalkeeper does not coincide with the recording of the watchers that the authorities have in their possession. “Yes, [the goalkeeper] lied. And this is demonstrated with evidence techniques,” said Sibilio, who then said that the employee may be able to clarify it in a new statement. The prosecutor argued that there was no alteration of the audio, but it is not clarified how the recordings came to the researchers, if they were collected by police directly in the housing and verified later or sent by the monitoring personnel.

The declarations of the Prosecutor’s office were held by Bolsonaro. The president shared the news on Twitter alongside a quote from the bible: “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth will make you free!”. His son, councilman Carlos Bolsonaro, showed audios of the building, which contradicted the version of the goalkeeper, without explaining how he had had access to the material. Subsequently, the attorney-general, Augusto Aras, also reported the open procedure with the mention of the president had been filed.

After learning of the exclusive on Tuesday, the president reacted almost immediately, and explosive. Bolsonaro did a live on Facebook, recorded in the middle of the night in Saudi Arabia, where he is on an official visit, to deny any involvement. Exalted, apologized to the audience by their emotional state and came to threaten the media group to hinder the renewal of your license in 2022 after accuse him of wanting to destabilize his Government. According to the president, “the janitor is the victim of a sham”.

The story of the Globe was issued in the news night’s most-watched Brazil. As the case is still under secrecy, Bolsonaro guilt of the filtration to the governor of Rio, Wilson Witzel, a former ally with which he is now faced, and the chief of police in the city.

On Facebook, the president complained that the authorities have not discovered who organized the attack that he suffered in September of 2018. The appearance of the name of the president in the investigation of the murder of Marielle Franco, who is progressing slowly and has not been discovered who ordered the crime, it can become a political crisis, and will even test the independence of the brazilian institutions —from the different bodies of police to the attorney-general, Augusto Aras, who has just been appointed by the president—.

Other mentions of the clan Bolsonaro

this is Not the first time that the presidential family is involved in the tangle of the investigation into the murder of Marielle Franco and his chauffeur, Anderson Gomes. We already knew that Lessa, the main suspect in jail, lived in the same urbanisation of luxury that Bolsonaro. In addition, on Facebook there was a picture of the president next to Elcio Queiroz. It is also related to the Office of the Crime, a sophisticated criminal group of extermination which provides services for paramilitary groups and gangsters. One of the members of that band, the ex-military police officer Adriano Nóbrega, a fugitive since January of this year, was honored by Flávio Bolsonaro, when he was in prison for murder, in 2004, and two relatives of hers worked in the office of the then deputy state until the second half of 2018.

In September, the then attorney-general of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, asked the Superior Court of Justice that the investigation to be moved from Rio de Janeiro to federal agencies and that would open another process to identify who had ordered the crime. Dodge formally denounced to Domingos Brazão, a director dismissed by the court of auditors of Rio, and ex-leader of the party of Brazilian Democratic Movement (MDB), for attempting to obstruct the investigation of the police. The complaint of Dodge was based on the conclusions of the Federal Police, which indicated that the counselor was the “main suspect of being the intellectual author of the murders” by Marielle Franco and his chauffeur. Brazão denies the allegations.

The mention of the president Bolsonaro can attract even more international attention for the murder of the councillor of Rio de Janeiro. The murder of a political leader is not in a corner of the country, but in the center of its second-largest city in the country —and with the Army in charge of security at that time— crossed a limit unprecedented in the recent history of the violence in Brazil. Although the crime were touched by politicians of various ideologies from around the world, the then presidential candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, nor any of his children, made statements of condemnation.


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