Is she there with her fiance?

Evanthia Benetatou (27) and her fiancé Chris are apparently supposed to move into RTL’s “Summer House of Stars” as a straggler. At least that is reported by “Bild” The possibility exists in any case, after RTL had asked after announcing the eight confirmed couples: “Who is still moving in? Which pair flies first? Who’s got the nerve? Who can master the games best and protect themselves from being nominated? ”

A corresponding move in of Benetatou could possibly cause friction, as the 27-year-old knows the already confirmed “Bachelor” couple Andrej Mangold (33) and Jennifer Lange (26). She had also attended the dome show and had come close to Swiss chard. “I don’t regret my behavior at all. I too stayed true to myself and there was an emotional bond between us, otherwise I would not have made it to the finals, ”the former“ Bachelor ”candidate explained in February in an interview with the news agency spot on news.

From Benetatou’s side there seems to be at least no bad blood: “Andrej and I have nothing to do with each other anymore, I wish him all the luck in the world.” For her there is only her fiance anyway. “Chris is the right one for me because we complement each other perfectly,” said Benetatou at the time. “We love each other from the bottom of our hearts and have survived many ups and downs in the eight month relationship. He always stands behind me, and I behind him. Together we can do everything. ”

Chris would also have to stand behind her in the “summer house” if the two actually took part. Because the celebrity couples have to play numerous, sometimes demanding games in the TV relationship test.

At “Das Sommerhaus der Stars”, which is taking place for the first time in Germany – more precisely in Bocholt in North Rhine-Westphalia – because of the corona pandemic, there are also: singer Annemarie Eilfeld (“Aiming high”) with her friend Tim, Diana Herold (” Bullyparade ”) and her husband Michael, reality star Georgina Fleur and her fiance Kubilay Özdemir, Caro and Andreas Robens, known from“ Goodbye Germany! ”, The former“ Bachelor ”candidate Denise Kappés and Henning Merten, the vocal duo Die Pharos from Martin Bolze and his wife Michaela Scherer as well as the YouTube couple Lisha and Lou.



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