The US army suffered serious losses from coronavirus

in early March, the media reported the involvement of the military and police to ensure that quarantine measures. In the same China military cordoned off entire towns and districts, the population of which was transferred to the isolation mode. Later, so did other countries. It is clear that while the military and police, the risk of infection increased.

But, oddly enough, the first infected appeared in the military for a different reason. So, on the US Navy aircraft carrier “Theodore Roosevelt” (USS Theodore Roosevelt, CVN71), which is located in the Persian Gulf, March 25, three of the sailors were discovered coronavirus.

a day Later testing showed the infected 25 people. Carrier urgently preparing “the retreat” on the base of the U.S. Navy on the island of GUAM, however, according to the Pentagon, even there, the sailors will not be able to leave the ship.

in fact, a carrier, which is part of the global U.S. military strategy, in a short time turned out to be incapacitated. In the main oil-rich area of the world aircraft carrier, I think, have solved the problem of containment of Tehran.

Experts predict that the U.S. army will face the same problems that arose before police from a number of American States. It is already known that only the police of the city of new York listed 900 infected and four dead.

This trend is likely to increase, since the police are obliged to stay permanently on the streets and contact people.

Similar to the situation with the National guard and the US army that are also employed to maintain public order and distribute humanitarian aid. In conditions where hundreds of people share the same living space, infection, even with all precautions, spread rapidly.

According to official data, 568 U.S. military test for coronavirus was positive. Recorded almost 450 cases of infection among the civilian personnel of the U.S. army.

the number of sick soldiers, the U.S. army occupies the first place among all armies in the world. Only in the Navy of the United States infected 133 people.

the Virus has led to irretrievable losses. March 31, the Pentagon reported about the dead soldier of the National guard of the United States from the state of new Jersey. He was hospitalized on 21 March, and a week later died in a military hospital.

As stated by the chief military doctor of the joint chiefs of staff US army Brigadier General Paul Friedrichs, at the current stage of ability to resist the growth of infection in the armed forces there. “We think that we will continue to see it, it is not surprising that the number of cases continues to grow.” According to him, the increase in the number of patients in the military will continue over the next three weeks.

Attack of the coronavirus in the Pentagon, however, has not yet led to a reduction in military activity of States in different regions of the world, including Russia’s borders. At least the US drones and NATO continue with the same intensity to make spy flights off the coast of Crimea. Also not evident is that States have begun to withdraw their contingents, for example, from Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

the Rest of the countries information on cases of coronavirus, its military and police are extremely reluctant to divulge. Some, such as China, generally these these secrets.

as for NATO, it is known, for example, about twenty sick soldiers from the international NATO battalion in Lithuania. Two of the cases – the officers of the army of the Netherlands.

Also caught COVID19, at least 33 of the staff in headquarters of NATO in Brussels.

In Italy the regime of self-isolation of cases transferred at the same time nine generals, including chief of the General staff of the country. Five cases of infection were recorded in the Italian Navy.

On the basis of the Royal air force in Cyprus for a quarantine was placed three officers.

In Greece at quarantine sent one of the ships of the national Navy. It was reported about one killed the military.

There are losses from the coronavirus in the armies of other countries. So, in Egypt on March 21 after infectedia the coronavirus has died, major General of the armed forces.

In the Israel defense forces reported 23 cases of military.

the Russian army, we recall, has been kept in the confrontation with the coronavirus. According to the defence Ministry, cases with a diagnosis of COVID19 among the Russian troops there.