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Ex-DSDS winner Thomas Godoj produces his new album via crowdfunding. The financing goal was reached after a few minutes.

Thomas Godoj has been on tour almost continuously since 2008, has released seven studio albums, two live albums / DVDs and an acoustic album. Since 2014, his publications, the production of which he financed with extremely successful crowdfunding campaigns via the Startnext platform, have been published under his own label.

The campaign for the eighth studio album, which had already reached the funding target of 55,000 euros after eight minutes, is currently running on July 24, 2024 on Startnext. As of Monday evening, the financial support stood at 121,370 euros.

The DSDS winner from 2008 said on Startnext: “The money flows completely and directly into my eighth studio album, ie everything that goes with the realization, publication and marketing of the album. If the goal is not reached, there are no costs for you. You take no risk, because the money is initially in a trust account and will be reimbursed to you via Startnext or, depending on the payment method chosen, not even charged if the sum does not come together. The offered thank you can not be purchased then. ”

Emerging stronger from crises

The Polish-German rock singer and songwriter released last week with “So Far Come”, the first harbinger of his eighth studio album “Stoff”, which was announced for autumn. Everyone has had to experience changing life circumstances at least once, last but not least, technical progress means that we as people and society have to reinvent ourselves or adapt to changes – we are currently experiencing this collectively in the wake of a pandemic that World suddenly turned upside down. “Coming as far” draws attention to the fact that you can emerge stronger from upheavals or crises and still look positively into the future.

Musically speaking, “So Weit Kommen” remains true to the gait of its predecessor “13 arrows” (2018) – the catchy and hymnic chorus alternates with rocky passages and shows all facets of Godoj’s characteristic voice.


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