Public declaration of love

In March 2019, the surprising separation of Thomas (69) and Thea Gottschalk (74) after 42 years of marriage shook the celebrity world. In the same year the TV presenter appeared in public with a new woman at his side: Karina Mross (58). In a recent interview with the magazine “Bunte” he is now making a public declaration of love to his new partner: “I’m actually not a dreamer, but Karina is really my dream woman. Otherwise I would not have dared to jump. ”

But he does not give the “young lover, but now enjoy a whole new life,” says Gottschalk, who lives with Mross in Germany. With his wife Thea, he lived in California for many years. “We are happy with that, but we want to keep this feeling to ourselves instead of explaining it to the rest of the world,” said the Bavarian, who will be 70 on 18 May.

The TV entertainer doesn’t seem to have any problems with his big birthday. “I never felt under pressure because it was always the most important thing for me, both privately and at work, to spread a good mood. I didn’t always do that, but I mostly succeeded, ”says Gottschalk. His eyes are still on the future, not the past. “There’s so much going on for me that I don’t have to mentally save myself yesterday. I cannot change what happened. I live in today. ”

The current Corona crisis is not going to get him down either. At 15, he survived the smallpox outbreak in his hometown Kulmbach, acid rain, Chernobyl and the census. “In addition, a dozen directors from ARD and ZDF, five popes and what felt like 100 SPD chairmen. None of this has taken away my humor and belief in the good in people. I am crisis-proof, ”Gottschalk clarifies. However, the corona crisis has an impact on his birthday show on television.

“Happy Birthday, Thomas Gottschalk!” Will be shown live on ZDF on Sunday, May 17, 2024, from 10:15 p.m. Not much is known about the show, which looks back on the life and career of the show master. “Good friends and prominent companions of the jubilee” will go along, according to the broadcaster, but anyone who will show up to congratulate them does not know even Gottschalk. However, due to the corona crisis, the live broadcast “is produced without an audience and under safety precautions that correspond to the current recommendations for handling the corona virus and minimizing risk”.

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