He is the surprise winner of “The Masked Singer” 2024 (ProSieben): Tom Beck inspired the audience under the cute sloth costume with extreme versatility and great entertainment qualities. To be able to present yourself as a musician to an audience of millions is the dream of the former “Alarm for Cobra 11” main actor.

Tom Beck will endlich im Radio gespielt werden

© Jakub Tryniszewski


In 2008, he became known to a large TV audience as the Autobahn policeman Paul Jäger. For many people, seven years after leaving the car, he was still just “Alarm für Cobra 11”. Most television viewers only know that Tom Beck is primarily a musician when he wins the music show “The Masked Singer” in April.

Five years after his last LP release, his fourth studio album is now released. The album title symbolically stands for more than the obvious – his fourth studio album made by Beck!

Ballads and versatile pop songs

The actor, born near Nuremberg, specialized in musicals during his theater training and sang in several bands. His debut album “Superficial Animal” made it into the top 40 in 2011.

The songs on “4B” are a mixture of calm love ballads (“Strong for two of us”) and modern pop songs with jazz and reggae elements (“You can do it”). Beck often gets personal, sings about his six-month-old son (“penguins”) or love for his wife, the Greek “good times, bad times” star Chryssanthi Kavazi (“we go together”).

Tom Beck will endlich im Radio gespielt werden

Photo: Promo

Everything suitable for radio

The twelve songs, especially the single “360 Grad” or “Utopia”, are absolutely suitable for radio. But Beck apparently still lacks the right pop image to be played on mainstream radios. “I hope that at some point the radio stations will also be more open to me, think less in pigeonholes and take off the Cobra 11 image.”

His appearances on the ProSieben show “The Masked Singer”, praised by viewers and critics, could contribute to this. Beck scored there dressed up as a sloth with enormous versatility and a high entertainment factor. Although after his unmasking in the final, quite a few asked on social networks: “Isn’t that the one from this series of autobahns?”

Tour dates Tom Beck – 4B Tour 2024

02.02.2024 – Nuremberg – Hirsch
03.02.2024 – Stuttgart – Im Wizemann
04.02.2024 – Frankfurt – The bed
05.02.2024 – Heidelberg – halle02
02/17/2024 – Hamburg – Mojo Club
02/18/2024 – Essen – Zeche Carl
February 19, 2024 – Cologne – Club Volta
20.02.2024 – Munich – Backstage Halle


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