“Pocher & Papa on the road”

Comedian Oliver Pocher (42, “Oliver Pocher Live – It’s my Life”) goes on a world tour with his father Gerhard (70) – for television. The new documentary series “Pocher & Papa auf Reisen” starts on June 19 at 8:15 p.m. with part one on RTL. The second part flickers on the screens exactly one week later at the same time. The unequal duo discovers on the show – Oliver Pocher is considered cheeky, loud and provocative, his father is a good accountant – first in Thailand, then in the USA bizarre customs, strange food and strange customs.

RTL describes its new format as a wild “trip that will test the relationship between the two and change it forever”. In the first episode, Oliver and Gerhard Pocher discover the city and country in Southeast Asian Thailand. In addition to old temples and sunny beaches, you cannot miss ladyboy shows, traditional massages and a round of Thai boxes.

In part two, the Pochers are on a road trip through the USA. There they hire as interns for cowboys, as Elvis impersonators in a wedding chapel and for gun lovers. In addition, intensive astronaut training, botox treatments and hunting wild boar are not to be missed in the land of unlimited possibilities.

The very end ends extremely painfully for the man of Amira Pocher (27). An accident occurred while filming in Louisiana in March. According to RTL, Pocher underestimated the recoil of his weapon when hunting the boar. The rifle scope hit him in the middle of the forehead and resulted in a laceration that had to be sewn in the hospital. The misfortune could not affect his humor. “You know, my face is all I have. I’m an international top model and can now be booked as a Harry Potter double, ”he joked in a video by the broadcaster.

At “Pocher & Papa on trips” it should go from time to time between the comedian and his father, because the two could hardly be more different. While the 42-year-old father of four likes to provoke in public, his father is a predominantly quiet contemporary.

The filming of “Pocher & Papa auf Reisen” took place from January to March 2023 – shortly before the corona pandemic brought the world to a standstill. The plans for the documentary series were announced last December.



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