Trump on the

Coordinator of the White house on the coronavirus Deborah birx warned that the pandemic could kill up to 200,000 Americans even in the best case.

Federal officials and representatives of States are set up is also very bleak: the country should expect a deterioration of the situation, before uluchshenniy.

President trump extended the earlier social distancing until the end of April, saying that this step is necessary to prevent catastrophe. “We could save over 1 million American lives,” said trump at a press briefing at the White house on Monday. “Our future in our own hands, and the choices and sacrifices that we make will determine the fate of this virus.”

the Pandemic showed that even the richest and most powerful superpowers in the unexpected new reality hard to cope with nalivshiesya scourge alone.

“I must say that we have good relations with many countries. China sent us some cargo, told journalists at a briefing in the White house Donald trump. – Russia has sent us a very, very big plane with cargo. Medical equipment. Very nice. Other countries send us goods, and I am very surprised, very happy way.”

as for the Russian aircraft more than trump did not spread. But we know that was sent to US by the Chinese. Sunday in new York the plane landed from Shanghai, who brought 80 tons of medical gloves, masks, thermometers and other medical products. Some gloves this flight delivered 10 million, and nearly two million masks of various types, according to The New York Times. It is expected that this aid will be distributed in the States of new York, new Jersey and Connecticut.

of Course, the help is great, but according to Department of health, the United States will need 3.5 billion masks if a pandemic will last a year.

photo: AP

In major cities – new York, Chicago and Los Angeles – authorities are working to create alternative hospitals. Illinois is scheduled to become the largest Convention center in North America (McCormick Place Convention Center) to a medical facility that can accommodate up to 3000 patients with coronavirus. California Governor Gavin Newsom has previously stated that the state will need an additional 50 000 hospital beds to meet the peak of the outbreak, which is on the West coast is expected in a few weeks.

the Most severe situation is now in new York. There are more confirmed cases than any other U.S. state (more than 67 000 cases and more than 1,340 have died, which is almost one third of all deaths in the United States). Governor Andrew Cuomo urges physicians from other States to come and help new Yorkers cope with an outbreak of the coronavirus. “We need to give opportunity to those who work 12 hours a day, to relax. We need relief for doctors. Help us now, and we will return this service”.

Complete the quarantine is introduced in the district of Columbia, where the us capital Washington and in nearby Maryland and Virginia. In this relatively small region for a week the number of cases has increased four times. Residents allowed to withdraw from only in the store and to the doctor.

violation of the quarantine without a valid reason can be costly: in Maryland promises fine (up to $5000) or even to impose a sentence of imprisonment (both of which punitive measures can be combined).

According to official data, the prohibitions and restrictions related to the mers affected in the U.S. more than 260 million people.