Big recall campaign at Lidl in May 2024! The well-known discounter is currently recalling a total of 8 different types of sausage from the sales range. Apparently there is a risk with all affected sausage types that they have been contaminated with listeria. Here is a list of the affected products, which you should best return immediately to Lidl.

If you like to eat different sausages and have bought them from Lidl in the past few days, you should be very careful. Because the well-known discounter Lidl now has to recall numerous types of sausage in Austria because listeria has been found in one of the cold cuts products. As “” reports, all affected sausages were produced by the company “Steirische Manufaktur für Feinschmecker Josef Reiner GmbH & Co KG” located in the Alpine Republic. Because of the proximity to Austria, however, German customers are also encouraged to pay attention to this product recall.

Infestation with listeria in the product was effectively proven

“Wiesentaler AMA extra sausage, cut 200g”. However, the company concerned cannot rule out that other sausage varieties it sells have also been contaminated with listeria and is therefore recalling a total of eight sausage types. Below is a list of the affected products with a best before date of 11.06.2020

• Wiesentaler AMA asparagus extra sausage, cut, 200g

• Wiesentaler AMA snack sausage, sliced, 120g

• Wiesentaler AMA Spicy cheese sausage, sliced, 80g

• Wiesentaler AMA triple cold cuts (tender cheese sausage, finest Krakauer, spicy extra sausage), 500g

• Wiesentaler AMA extra sausage, light, cut, 200g

• Wiesentaler AMA fine extra sausage, sliced, 200g

There are also two products that should be returned with a best before date until June 22, 2024 inclusive. These are the following products:

• Wiesentaler AMA ham sausage, sliced, 125g

• Wiesentaler AMA ham sausage with pepper edge, sliced, 125g

Anyone who owns these products can return them to Lidl without a receipt for a refund of the purchase price. Lidl customers get money back. The symptoms of Listeria disease usually show up within 14 days of infection. A disease is usually associated with diarrhea and fever. Pregnant women, the elderly, and people with a weak immune system can have severe infections. If symptoms occur, you should definitely see a doctor.



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