Users Network 1 APR uncovered the secret features of the Tu-95

Turns out, as noted by the user Fighterbomber, “the long-range aircraft on the planet”, Tu-95 are equipped with diesel engines. And this despite the fact that the rest of the planes fly on kerosene. “As fuel is nitrated diesel fuel. Accordingly, the fuel consumption is a multiple less and the plane can fly more kerosene counterparts,” – says the publication.

According to the author, “the mass of the fuel at the direction of a senior officer can reach 102% take-off weight of the aircraft.”

But diesel engines provide not only a record range. From diesel is a distinctive “tractor” sound. It specifically strengthen the “special devices, creating the famous vibrations around that incapacitate sonar and other sensitive equipment of submarines and ships of the potential enemy”. The efficiency of interference is so great that immediately created a special modification of the Tu-142 was to combat enemy submarines.

But that’s not all. It turned out that two of the four engines of the Tu-95 is electric. They are noiseless and they are used for stealth. Power motors can get from nuclear weapons. “That is 45% of the electricity the aircraft receives from the half-lives of uranium isotopes in nuclear warheads available on Board every self-respecting strategic missile”, – gives another military secret author.

the Most beautiful and ingenious design solution, he called a special refueling boom, which the crew can use to steal fuel from the unsuspecting enemy plane. “This has been brutal the name “Scorpio” and that for him, the designers won the Nobel prize”, – said the author.

“Closed by decree,” he corrected him in the comments.

the Official record for flight duration at Tu-95MS – more than 42 hours with multiple refuelings in the air. But the author argues that, in fact, “Bear” can be in the air much more. Just “on testings limit time of flight of the Tu-95 could not be reached, because in a test flight someone of the members of the five-fold test crew came out age limit for retirement”.

netizens in the comments have noted several factual errors in the article. So, Dmitry Boev wrote that the article made “serious error”. As in the designation of engines NK-12D, the “D” means diesel, and wood.

“the plane flies on the wood, because the crew included 4 Stoker, one for each engine. This version is designed specifically for remote garrisons, to bring the coal to which (the main fuel for standard NC-12) difficult.”

In his words, “a high-calorie-burning double the fuel range and allows you – albeit very briefly – to go on a supersonic flight mode”.

Dmitry Suhoterin, in turn, noted that “the use of wood thrust is also allowed to release additional volume for accommodation of ammunition, because the jobs firemen were equipped directly in the nacelle”.

They were supported by Igor Kostyukov, who wrote that “diesel engines just put on the version with a manual transmission!”.

Some users have reported that the Tu-95 “there is another source of energy can increase the range: an induction coil that converts the magnetic field of the planet into electricity. Flying over the poles, submarine generally does not waste fuel and even charging the batteries. Summary of the discussion summarized several users: “From 1 April!”.