The UN world tourism organization (UNWTO) presented at the end of September, their latest surveys of tourism trends. Conclusion: It traveled more of the world, especially to North Africa and Europe. The international arrivals were in 2017, with a seven percent growth at 1.32 billion, to a nine year high.

it is possible but, if you look at the European destinations (in addition to the cool evergreen Island, the wobbly Turkey and from the UN to Europe counted Israel) than average visitors. Including many former Soviet republics, is a country in the Balkans, and a Mediterranean dwarf state, are surprising to find, you need a magnifying glass. These are the five countries that you should have as a traveler with a sense of strange on the map:

San Marino – a dwarf state

lies just behind Rimini, completely embraced by the North of Italy, the little state of San Marino. Smaller than the Bavarian Fürth, put it on, in 2017, all of the 18,000 tourists more than in the previous year. To visit the city of San Marino a Unesco world heritage site, the oldest existing Republic in the world (allegedly in 301 BC), has survived the demise of the much more powerful Italian republics of Venice and Genoa.

Of San Marino, you can learn how to survive politically difficult times. That makes it these days for the winners-Destination.

Georgia – hip Hotspot

Despite the tourism language English acute given the risk of confusion of the front Asian of Georgia with the American state of Georgia was discovered, the “armorers of the ancient world” in the past few years as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, and as a hip travel Hotspot.

Who still hesitate: Here, the wine was invented. It’s high time for a visit.

Macedonia is worth, in spite of the squabbles

a Destination with identity issues: Macedonia or Macedonia is fighting since 1991, with the Greek Region of Macedonia, who is allowed to wear the beautiful name. Correctly, the country is “the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”.

to outsiders, confusing Situation should not prevent anybody from a visit to the Balkans. Because the landscape offers the FYROM, as they say on the international stage to the “Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia”, for example, the largest waterfall in southern Europe and one of the oldest lakes of the world. What are the few squabbles.

Azerbaijan – Land of fire

Azerbaijan, the “Land of fire” (self-promotion) danced on the border between Europe and Asia, and for ten years at the Eurovision Song Contest, traditionally, the beauty contest of the most flamboyant of Ex-Soviet States. The glittering metropolis of Baku is a rollicking Shopping Trip value.

Moldova – a state with a turbulent history

145,000 visitors wanted to see in 2017, the country is in the direct vicinity of the Ukraine that belonged to his lashed history of the Russian Empire, in Parts of Romania, and then to the Soviet Union.

Whoever hears the sound of the official Name Republic of Moldova, a sweet melody, at school had a good music education. The piece “The Moldau” by the composer Bedřich Smetana, however, honors the Bohemian river and has to do with the country of Moldova.


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