In George Orwell’s novel “1984,” bring the Stalinist-fascist future state of seven-year-old children to betray their parents for “thought crimes”. In Rainer Kunze, “The wonderful years” you can read the real existing GDR tried to break young people. And today, in the Federal Republic of Germany, the AfD on the Internet platforms where students should notify their teacher if they represent the party in the negative. This is not so incredible that it’s hard to know where to begin with criticism of it.

first of all: There may be individual educators, the breach of the so-called a potential ban in the classroom and with the AfD in the classroom is not objective, but biased employ to influence their students one-sided. This, then, is in individual cases is a matter for the courageous, the democratically elected parents ‘ representatives, for the sovereign head of school and the responsible school Supervisory authority. By the way, also for the members of the elected student representation.

A public Internet pillory serves only a single purpose: the intimidation of teachers. Any, of the accused in the grid incorrectly, slandered or denounced, know how alone one is in the fight against the many Un – and semi-truths can be easily disseminated. So it creates a climate of fear, the bondage of the speech and of the exploited students will work in their judgement is Yes (otherwise, you don’t need any school).

What would be the result? You would, in the future, perhaps even less-edged characters in the teachers colleges. And the students would not learn at all, to munitionieren in disagreement with the English, government or history teachers themselves with arguments. Or when you disagree with to be brave.

That the conference of education Ministers can think of practically nothing to this monstrous act, and that the education bureaucrats of the previously affected States have do nothing more urgent than to explain how hard such platforms could ban, is a slap in the face of all the teachers. There is already a shortage of teachers, while the educational problems of the country and grow.

Whom do you want because, for God’s sake, this profession still win? It is the AfD, which relies on Overwhelming; it is the AfD, which poisoned with their portals, the school climate; it is the AfD, the are calling again and again, freedom of speech, but Silence want to force it.


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