Vilfand gave a weather forecast for Moscow this week

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow/Alexander Ivanko

the Snowfall continued in the capital. Acting Director of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand said the snow in Moscow will not melt until the end of the week, informs “Evening Moscow”.

He said that the city received 4 inches of snow. The temperature remains quite low: at 9:00 it dropped to -6 degrees. Likely to increase substantially and it will not be day and night from 0 to -5.

the Snow cover is expected to grow by about two inches, snow will go on, said Vilfand. Thursday is expected to about 0 degrees, a slight negative temperature.

“the Weather will remain approximately the same, with sleet, but the temperature is not significantly different from the one that was kept throughout the winter, and will still be relatively high with small negative values,” explained forecaster.

due to icy conditions in Moscow and the region declared a yellow level weather risk. Warning is valid until 23:00 on January 29. Residents urged to use public transport.

because of the snow and ice situation on roads complicated. The speed of cars is reduced, traffic congestion is expected to 8 points. The number of minor accidents may increase. Freely on the roads will be just after 19:30.

the traffic police reminded drivers and pedestrians about the need to observe traffic regulations. Muscovites are urged to be attentive, show respect and tolerance to each other.

the Capital’s municipal services translated into enhanced mode. On special control are taken the condition of roads, pavements and squares of the braking before the public transport and the approach to them. Specialists treated roads and sidewalks deicing materials.

Despite the cold this January could be the warmest in 200 years. The indices of the columns of the thermometers exceeds the norm by 10 degrees

In February, the temperature in the Central regions of Russia will exceed climatic norm by half to four Grasdousah, meteorologists predict. In the Finnish Institute of meteorology added that major changes in the current weather will not.

“Morning”: the capital was hit the strongest since the beginning of winter snowfall.


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