The word is free for the teachers. Hundreds of teachers denounce on Twitter, since Sunday, October 21, the absence of reactions of national Education in the face of violence that they undergo.

These reactions occur after the case of a student shot in the process of robbing his teacher with a weapon dummy in a high school in Créteil (Val-de-Marne), while asking him to sign “present” in the course. The high school student has been indicted Sunday for “violence, aggravated” and released with measures of constraints interim. So since this case, the teachers come out of the silence on Twitter with the hashtag #pasdevague.

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” I do during open door, a student in the hallway and shouts, “Mrs. M. dirty whore !” First reaction of the master : “You may have heard wrong because this is not his version of the facts”. Fortunately, I had a dozen 6th as witnesses, ” says a teacher. “I would have liked to have been sustained when a student, a few years ago, tapped me over in a hallway in my school. But the disciplinary board has not even excluded. And it was explained to me that it was necessary to take things less to heart. This is the reality on the ground, ” wrote another.

“I’ve heard the worst of ignominies”

Jenny Lartaud, 28 years old, teacher of French in a college in Alsace, is part of the teachers who shared his experience on Twitter. “We are living verbal abuse a regular basis, but one is obliged to continue to teach,” she said to Agence France-Presse. She recounts having been “tested” two years ago by her class of 4th, for six months.

” I suggested, for an hour of course, tell me what does not go well, according to them. I shouldn’t have : they are being released and I heard the worst ignominies. “

She then wrote a report to his superiors : “The assistant principal called me in, I was not alone, but in spite of the mail the facts to the parents, despite the few exclusions, the students have continued. “According to her, many teachers prefer to do” how if everything was going well, for do not we say of them that they are bad teachers “.

For Rodrigo Arenas, president of the CIPF of Seine-Saint-Denis (93), ” the teachers are alone in the face of situations that may arise. If they are, it is like an admission of failure “. However, this is not ” their job to be in front of the students who go bad “, he says. An isolation amplified, according to him, by the ” steady decline of the positions of supervisors, consultants primary education (CPE), psychologists, or physicians school “.

Reactions to the right and to the far right

following the release of the video, filming the incident, which took place in Créteil, politicians of the right and the extreme right have claimed on Monday a response to ” farm the government “. The video is ” disgraceful and shocking, but this is the result (…) of years of laxity that ultimately leads to the generations that are lost and a form of fate “, has denounced Rachida Dati, member of european Republicans (LR), on Public Senate. The mp LR Eric Ciotti has proposed to its side, ” removal of family allowances to parents of students disruptive “.

at the far right, the president of the national Rally, Marine Le Pen, said that teachers have been ” forced into silence for too long “. “Bravo to those who break the omerta “, she wrote on Twitter, in reference to #pasdevague. The ministers of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, and the interior, Christophe Castaner, have announced the meeting of a “strategic committee” for an “ambitious action plan” against violence targeting teachers.


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