This is according to dpa-information to the withdrawal and scrapping of older diesel vehicles of the brands Volkswagen , Seat, Skoda and Audi with the exhaust emission standards 1 to 4. Car owners who want the conversion, will receive a bonus – those should be reported in the tip and for the very large models with up to 10 000 Euro. The aim is to prevent the threat of driving bans. Previously, the “image”newspaper had reported on a corresponding decision of the Board.

In the 14 cities it should be in addition to exchange premiums, it is a special program for Diesel cars, the emission standards 4 and 5. A lower-cost financing according to the “image”. A Volkswagen spokesman has announced, on Thursday, the group will comment on the Details of the diesel conversion program.

Replace or retrofit as an Option

In the recently introduced Diesel-concept of the Federal government are Hardware retrofit to Euro 5-Diesel in addition to exchange actions as a way to improve the air in cities with high pollution levels. To pay for the car manufacturer. This backrest support for a Hardware retrofit.

Earlier it was reported that Volkswagen over a Million Diesel-owner of 1. November, wants to offer to exchange premiums. The planned premiums should average out at about 4000 Euro for Diesel, the emission standards Euro 1 to Euro 4 – and 5000 Euro for Euro-5 Diesel.

billion-fines not only for VW conceivable

The Grand coalition is arguing currently about the potential billions in fines for car makers. Background of the refusal of the manufacturer to take the lead in technical retrofits of older Diesel cars, the cost is completely. This is in addition to purchase a Central point of a measures package to which the Union and the SPD in the fight against driving bans had agreed incentives for cleaner cars.

transport Minister, Andreas Scheuer (CSU) rejected fines against car manufacturers. He focuses primarily on sales incentives. The manufacturer would offer “attractive” exchange premiums, it is about 1.4 million cars and a volume of seven billion euros, he said last week.

at the beginning of the week, with Opel, the German car maker is in the concrete is suspected, the exhaust gases of diesel vehicles with controversial Software-features was manipulated. The Federal transport Ministry had announced an official recall for Europe is around 100 000 cars of types, Insignia, Cascada and Zafira. In addition, the Munich public Prosecutor’s office of the VW subsidiary, Audi gave a fine of 800 million euros. Basic deviations from the regulatory requirements” in the case of certain diesel engines”.



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