After the really ice-cold ice saints, the temperatures in Germany rise rapidly at the weekend. Summer is coming back – but not everywhere!

Sometimes expected up to 24 degrees

While there are still numerous clouds and rain in the south and north, the weather in the rest of Corona Germany is friendly. According to the German Weather Service, the temperatures rise to summer temperatures on Sunday! Only the nights stay bitterly cold thanks to the frost in the ground.

There is some rain in the north on the coasts and in the south in the Alps even on Saturday. Otherwise cheerful to cloudy without rain. The temperatures climb to a whopping 20 degrees according to the DWD in the west and southwest. In the night to Sunday it remained clear or slightly cloudy, it could still rain in the north and south. Temperatures drop to 2 degrees at night.

It will be really hot on Sunday: the temperatures should then rise to 24 degrees. Of course, it remains cheerful and dry. Only in the north it gets a little cooler with clouds, showers and fresh wind with gusts on the coast. It remains frost-free everywhere with minimum night temperatures of up to 5 degrees.



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