Live show from Berlin

Cult entertainer Thomas Gottschalk celebrates his 70th birthday tomorrow. And if you want to celebrate with him, you have the opportunity this Sunday, because “good friends and prominent companions of the anniversary” let him live in a live show in Berlin. “Happy Birthday, Thomas Gottschalk!” Will be broadcast on ZDF from 10:15 p.m.

A great secret is kept, however, around the details of the “surprise party with many great guests”. The broadcaster does not want to give a single name in advance. “Whoever comes and what happens – that will also be a surprise for Gottschalk himself. In this respect, unfortunately, we can no longer reveal in advance, ”asks the broadcaster, on request from spot on news, for understanding of the secrecy, so to speak.

The only thing that is certain is that the guests in the studio will “look back on the eventful life of Germany’s most famous showmaster”. And there is certainly a lot to tell, because Gottschalk has tried all kinds of media and has traveled around the world.

Anyone who still wants to puzzle over the guest list may be inspired by the “Gottschalk facets” summary of the station: “Thomas Gottschalk is a great entertainer, radio producer and actor, he is a family man, passionate about culture and music, a fashion Victim, an entertaining host and a gentleman anyway – he’s ‘our thommy’ ”. Who could have been invited to these topics?

A live show with many guests is an organizational challenge in Corona times. However, the broadcaster assured in a nutshell: “The program is produced under safety precautions that correspond to the then current recommendations for handling Corona and minimizing risk.”



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