Who denied the efficacy of ginger in the treatment of coronavirus

Photo: DW/Matthias Merz/DPA

the world health organization (who) has urged not to believe in the efficacy of ginger in the treatment of coronavirus, reports TASS with reference to Director of emergency health Michael Ryan.

“I Think we need to be careful with what is called traditional methods of treatment resorted to by people to feel better, for example, in the treatment of colds or flu, – said the expert.

however, he noted that all that allows people to feel better, gives hope for recovery and threatens the health, has a positive effect.

According to Ryan, around the world conducted trials of drugs, but to date there is no proven effective method for treating coronavirus infection.

He advised people who have favorite methods of treatment, such as fennel, ginger or lemon, continue to use them, but don’t claim without evidence that some funds may treat the coronavirus.

According to who, the world already infected more than 827 thousand people, more than 40 thousand died. Last night in 35 regions of Russia 440 confirmed cases of infection COVID-19. In total, the country currently registered 2777 cases of coronavirus infection in 75 regions.

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