The police in Berlin are now asking the public for help in a bizarre case in Berlin. There an alleged “husband” took his wife to a hospital in a wheelchair and the doctors gwbwtwn for help, since the woman allegedly suffers from shortness of breath. The man then left the hospital. During the examination, the doctors found that the woman in the wheelchair had died at least 24 hours ago. Now the police are trying to clarify the identity of the dead woman and to find the man who took the woman to the hospital.

An unusual incident occurred at the DRK Klinikum Westend in Berlin at the end of April. At around 9:00 p.m. on April 26, 2024, a previously unknown man had brought a woman in a wheelchair to the hospital emergency room and asked for help because the woman was said to be suffering from breathing problems. Immediately afterwards, the man left the hospital. Probably because he already knew that the woman in the wheelchair had died at least 1 day ago. The doctors then found out that the lady, whose age is estimated to be 80-95, had been dead for at least 24 hours and had only been sitting or lying in her last months. So far, the authorities have not been able to determine the identity of the woman because she did not carry any identification documents. In this mysterious case, the police are now asking the public for help so that the woman can be identified and the man who has given the woman’s body to the clinic can be found.

Now the police have released some photos so that the population can help identify the unknown body. While the body itself can be seen in one of the published photos, another photo shows the woman’s supposedly self-made wheelchair, which is quite striking due to its design and color. In addition, the police have published the following data on the woman: The deceased woman was about 80 to 95 years old, weighed around 40 kilograms with a height of 1.57 meters. She was probably bedridden in the last months of her life. The police are asking the public for help with the following questions: Who can provide information about the deceased person shown in the photo? Who has ever seen the wheelchair covered with green velvet fabric? The missing person’s office of the State Criminal Police Office will receive information on this case by e-mail or by calling (030) -4664 912444.



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