Pietro Lombardi gives his fans hope for another feature with Kay One. The 27-year-old and the rapper stormed the German charts with their summer hit "Señorita" in 2017.

The two singers were also able to celebrate great success with their music video, which was then clicked over 140 million times.

Fans would be happy

In a YouTube interview with Kevin Wolter, the "DSDS" star has now made it clear that nothing stands in the way of further collaboration with the 35-year-old. "We are considering whether Kay and I might do a 2.0 with 'Señorita', but that is still being planned. Three years later, maybe you can do something again, ”said the father of four-year-old Alessio.

However, the musician did not reveal any further details about a possible remake of "Señorita". In any case, the demand for a new edition seems to be there.

Because even now the success of the single can still be felt, says Pietro: "We have now got diamond status, a million units sold. Of course that's awesome, ”he said enthusiastically. (Bang / KT)


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