Why would someone get out of the house during the isolation

why would Someone get out of the house during isolation

Now the index of isolation in Moscow shows 3.9 points. This means that people in the city a bit, most of them adhering to a self-isolation, according to the TV channel Moscow 24.

In the capital were extended all the limitations associated with the threat of the spread of coronavirus, may 1. In accordance with the decree of the mayor of Moscow food stores, restaurants, sports clubs and similar institutions, whose activities were previously suspended will remain closed until the end of April. Also continues and the withdrawal of citizens.

Conscious citizens, observant of self-isolation, leaving the house only to go to the nearest store or taking out the trash.

dog Owners also reasonably facing the street – walking with Pets possible close to home without breaking regulations, according to which to walk them at a distance of 100 meters from the residence.

it is Reported that access to playgrounds is closed, so as not to push the violations, as Hiking for fun during isolation is impossible.

rant “violators” are now called those who go out with confirmed mild form of coronavirus. Recently so rigid quarantine violated 9 people, for which he paid. Currently, they are not at home and in Observatory.

For the first violation of the people ordered not to leave the house, the penalty is 4 thousand rubles. During the second – 5 thousand. The biggest fines from 30 to 300 thousand threaten those who had not suspended the operation of facilities referred to in the decree of the mayor.

All Muscovites suggest when going out to take your passport. If the person goes to work, it needs to have a certificate confirming that his organization allowed to operate under restrictions imposed because of the coronavirus.

In Moscow over the past day it has been revealed 536 HIV / AIDS are coronavirussom. The total number of infected amounted to 3893.

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