Winokur reported negative test coronavirus

Photo: social networks

people’s artist of Russia Vladimir Vinokur told about the negative analysis of the coronavirus. He said this in his Instagram.

Comedian posted a photo of the medical certificate confirming the lack of infection.

Earlier it was reported that the comedian had contact with Leo Leshchenko, who a few days ago confirmed the coronavirus, which has become a cause of pneumonia.

Coronavirus have also not been confirmed, the people’s artist of the Russian Federation Igor Nikolaev. He thanked friends and colleagues for their concern and words of support. The artist also expressed gratitude to the doctors at the hospital in Kommunarka, where was examined for your professionalism, optimism and compassion.

a woman was admitted to hospital with the clinical and radiological picture of community-acquired pneumonia. In the first days the patient’s condition worsened, increased shortness of breath and decreased indicators of blood oxygenation. In this regard, he was put in the intensive care unit. Now the state of the singer improved. He was transferred to a regular ward.

Leshchenko transferred to the intensive care unit of the medical center in Kommunarka

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