DOSAAF of Russia of coronavirus has cancelled training flights and firing

DOSAAF of Russia from March 28 to April 5 imposes restrictions on their work. So, stop all training flights are cancelled sports events. Suspended the activities of infantry, military-Patriotic clubs and groups. Will not run technical clubs and museums. With the exception of aviation DOSAAF for the prevention of emergency situations. However, in DOSAAF Russia continue to prepare young people for military occupational specialties. Thus, the theoretical unit due to pandemic coronavirus decided to transfer to distance education. Practical classes are conducted on the principle of “One master – one student” in compliance with measures of virus protection. So, on a practical driving lessons, instructors and cadets wear a medical mask. After each session with the learner the controls for the vehicles are treated with disinfectant solutions. The number of study groups was reduced to three. Until 5 April suspended work Moscow and Shakhty aircraft repair plants defense companies. In the Central Council DOSAAF of Russia until April 14 inserted partially remote mode of work of employees.