The holiday reality of most German looks like this: 58 per cent have made in 2017, according to tourism analysis of the Foundation for future questions, a journey of at least five days, and the most visited holiday destination was Germany. The holiday dreams of German citizens, however, so: The biggest wish is a trip around the world (49 per cent is for many according to a survey by the Hanover insurance, 35 per cent, according to the survey, an Online lottery provider).

These dreamers can be helped: Singapore Airlines offers since mid-October, and as the only airline to circumnavigate the world in only three flight stages. We Board a plane in Frankfurt, injected to Singapore, from there to New York and fly from the Big Apple back to the Main.

if you select the fastest bookable variant (from 3589 Euro), it is already after 60 hours and 40 minutes back in Frankfurt, with a good seven-hour layover in Singapore, and less than 15 hours in New York. As you take off in this shortest possible trip around the world in two cities already on the evening of the Arrival day, you need not even a Hotel that can sleep one on Board.

The highlight of this ultra-short world is that the middle of the three flight segments is an ultra-long haul: flight, SQ22 from Singapore to New York takes to Plan 18 hours 25 minutes and is the longest long-haul flight, which is currently the planet is widely offered. Qatar Airways, the previous long-distance record plane, the jets in 17 hours 40 minutes from Auckland in new Zealand to Qatar, so from now on, only the second-longest flight in the program.

The Singaporean sweeten the long flight with more comfortable Seats (there is no regular wood class, only Premium Economy and Business Class), with over 1200 hours of in-flight entertainment (if you can’t sleep on Board yet), and with a special Spa diet, which was developed by chefs and nutritionists (less salt, more turmeric). Singapore’s most famous Cocktail, the Singapore Sling is served on Board.

world travel in an airplane or on the cruise ship

You can leave for the trip around the world of course of time and in Singapore and New York for a few days stay. Or you book at Star Alliance a Round-the-World flight (with two to 15 between stops), with 1300 cities in 191 countries and 28 airlines.

The other major Airline Alliance OneWorld is offering a trip around the world-Collective by the name of Explorer: up to 16 flight segments with 13 Airlines, flights to be good. 1,000 destinations on all continents except for Antarctica

Who has more time and money than the average German citizens, too, can sail by cruise ship the world, offers there are from Aida (117 days, 41 ports, 17 countries from 13.495 Euro) to Hapag-Lloyd (171 days, 93 ports, 44 countries, 90.950 Euro).

lottery winners we recommend the British operator Destinology. There you can book a 84-day-the-world trip through twelve countries, is used only in luxury hotels, flown is First Class, in a private jet. A cost of a Million pounds. In spite of the favorable exchange rate of pounds Sterling to euros, unfortunately, not a bargain, but it’s time to dream.


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