Yefimova said, as it supports form in terms of the coronavirus

Photo: TASS/Foto Olimpik/Zuma

three-time Olympic medalist in swimming Yulia Efimova told how supports form in Los Angeles in terms of coronavirus.

the Athlete told that the day begins with an hour-long jog, and then doing bodyweight exercises: pushups, squats, press.

“Now it is difficult to find sports equipment. Problematic even order the same fitball, because the shops are closed. They have to use improvised means”, – quotes RT words Efimova.

Previously, the athlete admitted that in Los Angeles shut down all sports venues. She said that citizens for open access remains the only public beaches. Efimova also admitted that without competition it will be difficult to maintain form.

because of the coronavirus competitions and tournaments stop around the world. In particular, discontinued basketball NBA jokes of the NHL and the KHL. Suffered UEFA Euro 2022 summer 2022. Suspended the draws of the Champions League and Europa League.

the International Olympic Committee officially announced the postponement of the Olympics-2020 to 2022. This was agreed by the organization’s President, Thomas Bach, Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe.

According to the latest who, the coronavirus in the world are already infected more than 375 thousand people, more than 16.3 thousand died. On the background of the pandemic, the international Olympic Committee took the decision to postpone the Olympic games in Tokyo in 2022.

the Number of people infected with coronavirus in Russia over the past day has increased from 495 to 658 people. During the day, the number of new cases increased by 163. Of these, 120 have Moscow.

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