Zakharova chastised the rich Russians fleeing from London coronavirus

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova told about a wealthy compatriots, who asked the diplomats to help them return home from poor countries coronavirus. In the social network she said that the foreign Ministry received lots of queries from citizens around the world who need assistance with evacuation due to the closure of air links and borders. Zakharova have sympathized with fellow citizens: “the mother Cries that her daughter was in Prague one…” But some sympathy from a diplomat is not called. Zakharov told about one made her call to the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

According to her, called very rich people and said that they want to send to London private jet “for our boy who lives there for a long time”. The question, then suddenly they decided to return the boy home, was answered: the local authorities revoked the foreigners health insurance, now all paid for and a lot of money. “Only in Russia only in Russia!” – quoted Zakharova caller.

“You … paid in gold for ashes… instead of supporting their country and its people,” she writes.

Zakharov noted that the patriots at this time “Herculean efforts, patience and love to rebuild the state” after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dashing 90’s. Now, these wealthy citizens that London pointed to the door, “blow the dust off their passports” and shout: “We – the citizens of Russia!”.

“Really? – asks the diplomat. – Then please start with the basics – respect for the country and its people”.

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