The pilot drew in the sky over Hungary like doctors

the Pilot thanked the doctors in an unusual way

the Pilot from Hungary unusually thanked the doctors for their hard work during a pandemic. On the plane he painted in the sky like a giant cross, the TV channel Moscow 24.

This route is flashed and remained on online maps. This was done in order to show appreciation to the doctors, who are fighting the coronavirus and continue to work.

Previously, the residents of Serpukhov called by the inscription on the sky to stay home. The pilot of the Moscow region decided to remind about importance of observance of quarantine measures, so he left in the sky the inscription “take Care of yourself – stay home”.

And in Austria appeared in the sky the inscription Wash Hands, which translated to English means “Wash your hands”. Unknown at this time exactly who “drew” the warning in the air.

In Russia, just was 1534 cases of infection with coronavirus. In recent days discharged from the hospital 15 people for the entire period prescribed 64 people. In Moscow, the virus has infected 1014 people.

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