Zipkin and the actor will repeat the program of

Photo credit: TASS/Yuri Smityuk

20 February will be a repeat of the sensational fourth joint programme with the participation of Konstantin Khabensky and Aleksandra Tsypkina. In September 2019, the output of the third collection of short stories Tsypkina with the intriguing title “the Girl who always laughed last.” The book includes the already well-known after “Bespristupny reads” the stories “Snow”, “Mado”, “don’t tell” and new works. This event also coincided with the premiere of a new joint programme, actor and author.

“the Girl who always laughed last” – “a cocktail of drama and Comedy”, funny and sad stories that will present a creative Duo brilliant actor and a popular writer, still existing in 2016. Since then their participation has been more than 50 readings in the different countries of the world.

“I always said that “Bespristupny read” is closer in spirit to rock concert than a theatrical production, so our new program is more of a concert for the release of the new album. As the rock group in such situations, we will perform a number of hits and the number of stories from the new album… As always, will be a mixture of drama and Comedy… I Finally matured to the satire in the style of Saltykov-Shchedrin. A new story “Tragic misunderstanding” became a worthy substitute for the Homeric “Saint Valery”, and again Konstantin did the history of the whole performance,” said zipkin.

When: 20 February, 20:00
Where: the Moscow international House of music, Svetlanov hall