80 km/h on the road : when doubt s'installs

The number of people killed on the roads of France saw a rebound in September after declining for two months, keeping up with the questions on the lowering of the speed limit of 80 km/h which came into force in July. ...

150 Million years old: scientists discover prehistoric-Piranha

He is perhaps the first bone fish that nibbled on conspecifics: In southern Germany, paleontologists have examined the fossil Remains of a fish that lived 150 million years ago - and is likely similar to today's Piranhas have sharp teeth, prey is...

Travel time as working time: 480 hours per year in the car – unpaid

you are in a traffic jam on the highway, stuck at the airport, working until late in the night in the hotel room and push the frustration. Many workers felt unfairly treated, because of the business trips of your company are not...

World politics is a merciless, often disgusting business

A critic of the Saudi crown Prince disappears in a Saudi Consulate, and leave it as dead, but Donald Trump rejected the suggestion. The price for world politics sometimes. Saudi Arabia is the second example of this kind, North Korea, the first....

Green-voters: It is no shame to belong to the Elite

There are good reasons for the Greens to reject. I personally have never voted green. To me a criticism which accuses them, to represent mainly the more affluent urban intelligence irritated but. As if that were somehow disreputable. If from the right...


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Canadian Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Mothers Against Drunk Driving have produced a study that reveals an individual is killed by a drunk driver in Canada every half an hour....