This is what makes a man attractive, According to Indian model Karan Oberoi aka KO

Karan Oberoi, also referred with his initials KO is the most recognisable male model in the Indian modelling business, hailed for his muscular physique in an industry dominated by extremely thin men, he's held lucrative deals with Royal Enfield bikes, Isuzu, Reebok India  and...

Tips To Choose Your Wedding Jewellery

Jewellery is a very important part of your wedding and so it is highly essential that you choose the right jewellery for your big day. Choosing a piece of jewellery in itself is a difficult task and when it comes to selecting bridal jewellery it...

World of work: At the next Meeting, I’ll go crazy!

There are three ways you can your working time can waste. By Meetings. By Meetings. And through Meetings. Not for nothing is the dream of modern employees in an old saying in the peace movement: imagine is inspired, it is Meeting...

Scandinavian style of the interior

Simple, functional and balanced, the Scandinavian design never goes out of style. Do not miss to visit this site, that helps in turning our homes into true sanctuaries where recharging batteries after a busy day is even more important during the winter when the weather...

Robbery and Drug Crimes Committed by Children Rising

Despite a recent trend of diminished youth crimes across the country, the times appear to be changing. At least in regards to children committing the crimes of robbery, public disorder, and various drug-related offenses, which are all on the rise according to the Independent.   While the problems of...


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The end of the Pochettino era: sports betting – sympathizes...

The Argentine specialist has long been on the brisk of resignation, but every time various circumstances helped him to keep his post. On November...