Happiness in misery for pop singer Sonia Liebing (30). The well-known singer was involved in a traffic accident on the A6 near Walldorf and apparently was slightly injured in the process. Liebing was on the way with her husband Markus to Europa-Park in Rust, where she wanted to appear on the show “Always Again Sundays” by moderator Stefan Mross.

Sonia Liebing just got off lightly. On the way to the recording of the program “Always Again Sundays” in the Europapark Rust, the attractive singer was involved in a serious traffic accident with her husband. Before starting the trip, the singer had eagerly uploaded photos in her Instagram story. But then it happened. On the A6 motorway, a backwater had formed in the right lane from the A5, where there is a permanent construction site. Around 11:10 the artist and her husband had hit the end of the traffic jam with their white Ford off-road vehicle. The vehicle, which was driven by her husband Markus, collided with a Mercedes AMG standing at the end of the traffic jam. Due to the impact, the Mercedes was pushed onto an Audi, which damaged another Audi in a traffic jam. Both Sonia and her husband were slightly injured in the accident.

After the accident, the driver of the Mercedes that Liebing and her husband had run into had spoken to the “Bild” newspaper: “Suddenly there was a big bang in the back and a car hit us in the back. The Ford hurled onto the middle lane. I only bought the Mercedes four weeks ago. ”The authorities still have no idea why the accident happened. It is believed that Liebing and her husband either overlooked the end of the traffic jam or were otherwise distracted. As a precaution, the two were then taken to a hospital in Heidelberg. “She (Sonia, ed.) Has a bruised spine. She should stay there for 24 hours for observation, but has released herself at her own risk.

She is now being picked up by a driver and will still be performing at ‘Always on Sundays’ tomorrow, ”explained Sonia Liebing’s manager Karl Heinz-Schweter at the“ Bild ”newspaper. Two other inmates of the first Audi also had to be hospitalized. In total, property damage of 56,000 euros is said to have occurred in the accident.



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