Recovery is important now

“Bachelor” Sebastian Preuss (30) reports from the hospital for the first time after his serious motorcycle accident last Saturday (May 30). According to the “circumstances, he is doing very well,” the 30-year-old says via Instagram .

“Today is a good day to be thankful and appreciate life,” Preuss writes about a picture from the hospital bed. He can be seen with his torso free. Cables are attached to his chest, an infusion has been placed on his right hand, which Preuss uses to thumb up. The left arm is covered by a sheet. According to a report by the “Bild” newspaper , Preuss should have broken his left arm and right leg in the accident.

“Thank you for your concerned messages and dear that you think of me,” continues Preuss. He wanted to retire now and concentrate on his recovery. “Please enjoy every day and make the best of it”, Preuss ends his post.

The accident reportedly occurred on State Road 2065 near Munich. Preuss probably made a right turn too quickly. There he is said to have lost control and got on the opposite lane. He is said to have only touched an oncoming convertible – which probably saved his life.

His plans to return to professional sports are temporarily on hold. “I was back in training and wanted to get back into the kickboxing ring at the end of the year. I can check this off first, ”he said to“ Bild ”shortly after the accident.



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