Cake party de luxe

When the Heidis “GNTM” girl gets to see: On June 1st, the model mom celebrated her 47th birthday in Los Angeles. Above all, she gave her brother-in-law Bill Kaulitz (30, “Bird of Gold”) rich and literally rich: On his Instagram account , the twin brother of Tom Kaulitz published all the goodies via insta-story, which he conjured up for his sister-in-law's special day Has.

"Happy Birthday! I organized a family brunch for my sister-in-law with a homemade bee sting and plum cake, ”wrote Bill Kaulitz on a picture of himself, brother Tom and Heidi plus family dog. Not only that, but also grated cakes, champagne, cocktails and hedgehog-style fruit rounded off the gluttony. With which presents – besides a lot of love – Heidi's husband Tom Kaulitz countered his brother's calorie offensive is not confirmed.



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