The well-known magician Roy Horn died recently of complications from a coronavirus disease. Over the years, the magician has accumulated a considerable fortune that the gigantic “Siegfried & Roy” show has come together largely from the immense income over the decades. Now his partner Siegfried will inherit the fortune.

Siegfried Fischbacher (80) and his partner Roy Horn were almost part of the facility at the posh Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas. The two magicians performed a total of 5750 shows with their legendary white tigers. Good business for both the hotel, which generated around 1.4 billion euros in revenue from these appearances, and for the entertainers. Over 25 million viewers have watched their spectacular show over the years. This also earned Siegfried and Roy a fortune, which experts estimate to be worth 110 million euros. The duo’s “Little Bavaria” residence, which is around 100 hectares in size and is only about 20 minutes outside of Las Vegas, is said to be worth at least 9.2 million euros. In addition to three houses and idyllic walking paths, there is a huge private zoo on the site, which produces thousands of euros in maintenance costs each year.

The magician’s former property, the so-called “Jungle Palace”, is also worth at least five million euros, according to estimates by the Las Vegas Weekly magazine. The artists’ fleet has eight luxury bodies. In addition, expensive art, antique furniture and 30 white tigers, which now live in a zoo, are owned by Siegfried and Roy. The “Bild” newspaper now reports that Roy Horn’s legacy will go entirely to his life partner Siegfried. “When one of us dies, the other inherits everything. We always did half-and-half from the beginning of our career, ”Roy had said during his lifetime.

If Siegfried Fischbacher also blesses the time, the entire fortune of the artist duo will go to the city of Las Vegas. “Our fortune should go to Las Vegas after our death because the city gave us so much during his lifetime,” said Siegfried back in 2009. However, the two magicians have already determined that even after the death of the artist there will be no tours for tourists through the city “Jungle Palace” or “Little Bavaria” will give. “This is private. No way. Never, ”Siegfried already told the newspaper“ Las Vegas Sun ”in 2015.



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